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What Can Drivers and Cyclists Do to Avoid Bicycle-Car Accidents in Indiana?


Accidents in Indiana that occur between bicyclists and motorists are responsible for scores of deaths and countless more injuries each year. Often, recovering the compensation necessary to treat the severe injuries caused by these accidents requires an Indiana accident attorney to handle the claim.

Nationally, more than 650,000 people require emergency treatment for cycling-related injuries, due in part to the overwhelming structural advantages that vehicles have over the bicycles that share the roads with them. The obligation to prevent these accidents falls to both drivers and cyclists.
Cyclists can help prevent serious injuries from bike accidents in Indianapolis by

  • Obeying all traffic rules, including signs and signals
  • Wearing reflective clothing and flashing lights when cycling at night
  • Ensuring that bicycles are adequately maintained
  • Always wearing a helmet
  • Giving cars space rather than biking too close to them. This can place a bike in a motorist’s blind spot or put the motorist in fear of being too close to the bike. This can lead some drivers to swerve away and create other traffic risks.

Drivers can help prevent bike accidents in Indianapolis by:

  • Being aware of the possibility that a cyclist is on the road – bikes are more difficult to see
  • Never using cell phones or other electronic devices that could distract drivers’ attention away from the road
  • Respecting a bicycle’s right to the road

If you have been injured in an accident, contact an Indianapolis, Indiana, attorney who can help establish the liability of your accident and seek compensation from the responsible parties.

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