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Social Security Benefits Denied? What Now?


Unfortunately, not all deserving applicants receive Social Security disability. A significant amount of people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are denied, despite the case made for their disability. If this happens to you, it is essential that you look to appeal your case, and with this there are a few steps to take.

Find Out Why You Were Denied


You must remember that you are far from the only applicant. Many people are applying for the exact same benefits as you. When your application is being reviewed, you are one of many people trying to make a case of why you need government money to supplement your life due to your disability. Therefore, there are many things that can work against you in this process.

  • Lack of Evidence: It is extremely important that you provide enough medical evidence to make your case. Medical documents and doctor’s notes play a huge role in the decision-making process. If you are claiming that you cannot physically make a living due to a disability, you must be able to defend this claim with medical evidence or the case will not hold enough evidence to be approved.
  • Income Exceeds the Limit: Government financial assistance is not designed to provide a life of luxury, but to provide enough to cover the essentials. Therefore, there is a limit on the amount one can make per month to still receive this assistance. Many people apply for Social Security disability despite the fact they still have a part-time job, and this could have a huge impact on the decision. If you are a non-blind individual earning more than $1,180 when you apply for disability insurance benefits (DIB), your claim will likely be denied.
  • Failure to Cooperate: In order to be approved for Social Security, it is imperative that you are cooperative with both your medical treatment and the application process. In terms of the medical treatment, you should be able to provide evidence that you are maintaining any suggested physical therapy and treatment in order to show that you are trying to get better if at all possible. If your doctor prescribes treatment and you fail to complete this, your claim will likely be denied. When applying, it is important that you are also cooperative and responsive to the Social Security office. They may ask for a decent amount of documentation, and it is important that you provide them with whatever they may need to make their decision, and this should be done in a timely manner.

Discuss Your Case with an Evansville Disability Lawyer


If your case was previously denied, discuss the case with a lawyer before you appeal. They may be able to advise you in the right direction to avoid another rejection.

It matters at what point in the application process you are when you receive the denial. If this is your first denial, an Evansville disability lawyer can help you file a request for reconsideration. If this is your second denial, an Evansville disability lawyer can help you file a request for hearing and can represent you in court when your hearing date arrives. If you’ve been denied after a hearing, you’ll likely have to appeal to a federal court.

Help from Hensley Legal Group

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