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I Have Parkinson’s. Do I Qualify for SSDI?


Parkinson’s is a terrible disease that can rob many of their dignity and independence. It affects many all over, even fellow Evansville residents. Evansville Support Center of Kentuckiana is dedicated to helping people of Evansville and the surrounding areas who are suffering from this disease by providing a support group environment for victims to share stories and concerns. While there is not yet a cure for Parkinson’s, many find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their battle.

Many people suffering from this disease often find themselves in the situation where they must stop working earlier than they originally planned. In these cases, individuals suffering from Parkinson’s may turn to Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) for financial assistance.

What Qualifies Me?


Inability to Move at Least Two Extremities: To approve you for SSDI, the SSA seeks to understand the severity of your present condition. Many Parkinson’s patients lose the ability to control their extremities. When a patient loses this control, they will often start treatment to help them regain control. It is only after three months of this treatment has failed that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider your condition severe enough to receive SSDI.

Problems with Understanding and Concentration: Unfortunately, many who suffer from this disease experience cognitive disorders, including memory loss and the inability to concentrate. In most cases, this will be tested by a medical professional. If you can prove memory loss or the inability to concentrate, and you can make a case that this disorder affects your ability to work, you will have a much better chance at being approved for SSDI.

Social Disabilities: In some cases, this disease can affect a person’s ability to speak and communicate. This is an essential part of many jobs and can directly affect a person’s ability to work. Like problems with understanding and concentration, you will likely be tested by a professional, and they will be able to determine the severity of your condition. These documentations are incredibly important to the application process as they can determine whether you are still able to work with your condition, or if a career is no longer a feasible plan for you. If it is determined that your condition is too severe to communicate in a job setting, your chances of being approved for SSDI are much greater.

Help from an Evansville Social Security Disability Attorney

Whether you were recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, or you have been living with it for years, if it is affecting your ability to work, you could be approved to receive SSDI. However, the paperwork for this application can be tedious and hard to understand. Don’t try to take on this challenge alone. Call Hensley Legal Group today, or contact us online, and let one of our experienced Social Security disability attorneys walk you through the application process.