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Sharing Evansville Roads with School Buses


Not too long ago in Glezen, Indiana, just about 40 minutes from Evansville, a delivery truck sideswiped a school bus loaded with students. The accident happened in the morning around 7:00 am during the bus’s early commute. Fortunately, the bus driver and the 44 children she was transporting were able to make it out of the accident relatively unscathed. However, the truck driver had to be med-flighted due to serious injuries.

School buses carry precious cargo. Parents put their children on the bus every day with the expectation that the children will be returned to them safely. There are many laws and expectations for civilians sharing the road with school buses.

Know the Laws of School Buses


School bus drivers have laws and regulations to follow that other drivers do not have. In addition, civilian drivers have laws to follow when in the presence of a school bus that they do not otherwise have. It is important to know these laws so that you can avoid being taken by surprise in the case of an unexpected stop or a slowed pace:

  • Railroad Crossings: A school bus is not legally allowed to cross a railroad track without first coming to a complete stop. Even if the railroad track is not active, the bus driver is required to stop completely and look both ways before crossing. If you are following a bus driver, you should be prepared to come to a full stop at every single railroad crossing.
  • Slower Speeds: Bus drivers typically drive at slower speeds than most vehicles. This is partially because of their size as well as their dedication to the safety of their young passengers. If you are driving behind a school bus, be prepared to drive at a slower pace. In addition, you should be cautious when looking to pass a moving school bus.
  • No Passing: One law that particularly pertains to those who share the road with school buses is the law that you cannot pass a school bus when the school bus is stopped. For the safety of the children entering and exiting the school bus, it is illegal to pass the bus when it is parked to pick up or drop off kids. Any driver following the school bus will likely be alerted that they cannot pass by a stop sign that comes out from the side of the bus when picking up and dropping off passengers.

Help from an Evansville Traffic Attorney

If your child was injured on a school bus because the bus driver or another driver on the road failed to exercise legal precautions, you could be entitled to compensation for the trauma of the incident. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation, or contact us online.