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Safety Tips When Driving in an Evansville School Zone


Last month marked the end of summer break for many as children of all ages returned to school. With the return to school comes many issues even for those without school-aged children as the roads tend to get much more congested during drop-off and pick-up hours. Evansville officials took measures before school even started to address this issue and come up with a way to help better control it. They decided that the best solution was to give crossing guards more power.

School crossing guards completed training and were legally given the authority to stop traffic when wearing their uniform. This allows them to better control the traffic to allow children and parents to cross the street during school hours so that pedestrians and motorists are safer, and the traffic flows more smoothly.

While this new authority will be both safer and more efficient, there are various things to consider when driving in school zones.


One of the major causes of accidents in school zones is failure to recognize that you are in a school zone. School zones are typically well-marked, so if you pay attention to your surroundings, you should be able to spot a sign indicating the school zone. These are often marked with flashing lights to alert you when to reduce your speed for the area.

Reduce Speed

During morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up in school zones, flashing lights will typically indicate that you should reduce your speed. This indication should not be taken lightly. The speed limit can be significantly less than the normal speed limit on the road. Be sure to follow the speed limit indicated by these signs to decrease the chances of a car accident.



When entering a school zone, you should not only be prepared to decrease your speed, but also to come upon traffic. In these areas, parents are picking up or dropping off their children, and this can contribute to a significant amount of stopped traffic. If you intend to pick up or drop off your child, make sure you follow the instructions of your child’s school regarding where and when to stop your car. It’s never a good idea to stop in the middle of the road to let your child in or out of your car.

Be Alert

While children may be monitored by teachers and other staff members, there is always the chance that a child will wander into the road. As a driver, it is important that your focus remain solely on your surroundings. A single second spent looking at your phone or radio while driving could result in tragedy.

Help from an Evansville Personal Injury Attorney

A school zone should be a safe place for parents, teachers, and, most importantly, students. Therefore, drivers must be especially cautious. If you were injured in an accident that occurred because a driver did not adhere to proper school zone precautions, then you could be entitled to compensation. Contact Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation, or contact us online, and allow one of our experienced personal injury attorneys fight to get you the compensation you deserve.