10 Ways You Could Lose Your Evansville Personal Injury Claim

10 Ways You Could Lose Your Evansville Personal Injury Claim


Personal injury claims involve complicated, sensitive procedures; a simple error could hurt your case and reduce the compensation you receive. In addition to educating yourself about common mistakes, the best thing you can do is contact an Evansville personal injury attorney. A qualified lawyer can help you gather appropriate information and make informed decisions regarding your case.

1. Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention


There are two reasons to treat your injuries immediately after an accident: it prioritizes your health and legitimizes your claim. Put your well-being first by seeing a doctor who can diagnose your injuries and prescribe a treatment plan. Doing this quickly will also make it easier to argue your accident directly caused your injuries. This will make it harder for the insurance company to argue that your injuries either were unrelated to your car accident or were related but worsened due to your neglect.

2. Documenting Pain Inaccurately


Simply telling a judge you experienced pain because of an accident and subsequent injuries won’t hold up in court. Instead, keep a journal of the intensity and duration of pain. Your Evansville personal injury attorney can give you advice on how best to do this.

3. Failing to Follow Medication Directions


Take your doctor’s instructions seriously, especially regarding any prescriptions you may have. Negligence on your part will appear in medical records that go public in court and could seriously affect the outcome of your case. If you experience side effects because of a certain medication, talk to your doctor about switching prescriptions.

4. Missing Medical Appointments


Legal professionals (the judge, jury, and attorneys) will have access to your medical records in court; they’ll be able to see if you skipped any scheduled doctor’s appointments. This reflects poorly on you and makes your case harder to defend.

5. Failing to Disclose Health History


When you visit a doctor, you will likely have to complete or update your personal medical history. He or she may also ask for your family’s health history to factor in genetic predispositions and hereditary disease risks to your diagnosis. Altering, withholding, or making up information about your health history can seriously hurt your image because all records will be available to the court.

6. Failing to Tell Your Doctor About Your Inability to Work


If your injuries make you unable to work, you must tell your doctor so it becomes part of your medical records. This is the best legal way to pursue full compensation for your injuries through an Evansville personal injury claim. If a doctor does not confirm that your injuries prevent you from working, you may not be able to recover your lost wages.

7. Asking Your Doctor for Legal Advice


Physicians exist to help heal your body and get you back to full strength after an accident. Asking them for legal advice is inappropriate and unwise. Only accept legal advice from qualified Evansville personal injury attorneys.

8. Failing to Follow Treatment Recommendations


Your doctor’s recommendations are more than just suggestions. Both your health and claim status rely on following his or her directions exactly. In some cases, patients who experience extreme pain can also develop a mental illness like an anxiety disorder or depression. These disorders must also be treated by a medical professional and documented well, as they all relate to the accident that caused the original injuries.

9. Failing to Keep Thorough Records


Begin storing all medical, insurance, and job-related files in a single, secure place after your accident. Any and all records about time off work, medical bills, treatment plans, appointment dates, and prescriptions may become valuable in court. Not having a few crucial documents could limit the compensation you receive from your claim.

10. Ending Medical Treatment Early


A sure way to discredit the extent of your injuries after an accident is by deciding to end your treatment plan early. The court and insurance companies will be able to see that you stopped meeting appointments, refilling prescriptions, or attending therapy and interpret it accordingly. Follow your doctor’s instructions for the designated end of treatment to increase your chance of receiving full compensation.

Help from an Evansville Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many ways to risk your personal injury claim. An Evansville personal injury lawyer can help you avoid those mistakes and protect your claim. If you’ve been injured, call Hensley Legal Group today or contact us online for a free consultation.