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Precautions You Should Take for a Safe Company Christmas Party


Tis the season of lights, presents, and of course, parties. Christmas is a season of celebrations, and these celebrations take place in multiple settings. One very familiar setting to most businesses is the company Christmas party.

The issue is, when you get that many people together to celebrate, the result may not always be safe. So how can you ensure a jolly and safe party for the office this year?

Emphasize Leadership


There is a hierarchy in every company, and it is important that the leadership in the company leads by the right example. It is important to meet with the leaders of the company before the party and clearly communicate the importance of their behavior. If leadership misbehaves, those who are under them may follow, and when people misbehave in a busy environment, injuries are likely to occur.

Host Offsite


While your company may have the perfect space for business, it may not always be the best space to host a large Christmas party. If you are planning an event with a significant amount of people, you should host it in an area designed for the task. Book a restaurant or a banquet hall. These spaces are prepared for these types of events, and therefore all safety measures will be in place.

Check For Food Allergies


More companies are taking steps to better accommodate their employees’ food allergies. Be sure to get a list of food allergies of attendants, including employees’ guests, before setting up the party’s catering plan. If you choose to serve something that does have ingredients your employees or their guests may be allergic to, make sure the ingredients are listed and prominently displayed next to the dish.

Use a Cash Bar or Bartender


Anyone can get carried away with their drinking at a party, and a company Christmas party is no exception. While you cannot always control how other people choose to behave in an environment such as this, you can limit the convenience of alcohol. People are less likely to drink too much if they are paying for the drinks. They are also less likely to be overserved if there is a seasoned bartender behind the bar. This year choose a cash bar rather than an open bar, or make sure to hire a bartender who knows when to cut a person off for the night. This may greatly reduce the amount of drunken accidents resulting in personal injuries.

Arrange Transportation


If alcohol is involved at the party, it is wise to have alternate transportation lined up in order to discourage anyone from driving while intoxicated. Arrange a convenient way for people who have a little too much to drink to return home safely by taxi or Uber so that your colleagues will be less likely to get behind the wheel under the influence.

Help from an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they can ruin the holiday season. If your employer did not take proper precautions for your company’s Christmas party, and you suffered a personal injury as a result, you could be entitled to compensation. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online.