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Childbirth Injury Lawsuit

Birth Injuries Hurt Mothers Too

When people hear “birth injury,” their first thought is often of the health of the newborn. However, the law also protects the mother’s rights to a safe childbirth process. If a mother is injured in childbirth due to a medical professional’s negligence, she should consider seeking justice.

Childbirth Injuries for Mothers

A childbirth injury can affect a mother for the rest of her life. Examples of childbirth injuries include:

  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Bruises
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Caesarian section gone wrong
  • Infection
  • Vaginal tears or lacerations
  • PTSD due to an unnecessarily traumatic childbirth
  • Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia

Of course, the worst case scenario for a childbirth injury results in the death of the mother.

The Law Protects Injured Mothers

A mother’s health is just as important as her newborn’s. If she suffers an injury during childbirth, she may not be able to care for her newborn, especially if her newborn has been injured as well. Childbirth injuries may result in surgeries, medications, and physical and mental therapy. An injured mother should not have to pay for these ongoing costs as she attempts to move forward and raise her child.

Filing for Mother’s and Baby’s Injuries

A judge may award damages to a mother to pay for medical expenses as well as her pain and suffering. A birth injury lawsuit for the mother can be filed in conjunction with a birth injury lawsuit for the newborn, assuring that both mother and child are able to receive the justice and proper medical care they deserve.

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