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Basic Car Maintenance Checklist for DIYers

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and working on your car, or if you want to save money, such as if you are waiting on an auto repair payment from another driver after a car accident, there are a few basic car maintenance checklist items that are relatively safe for most car owners to attempt on their own.

Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Not all maintenance or repair work should be performed on your own. Some novices make mistakes that end up costing them more money in the long run. If you don’t enjoy the work or question the reliability of your work, it might be a better bet just to take your car to a professional.

If you are a DIYer at heart and want to roll up your sleeves and pop the hood, here are 11 tasks that U.S. News and World Report recommends for the non-professional:

  • changing the air filter;
  • changing the oil and oil filter;
  • replacing the windshield wipers;
  • cleaning your battery terminals;
  • replacing your headlights;
  • installing new brake pads;
  • replacing your fuel gauge sender;
  • changing your fuel filter;
  • replacing your spark plugs;
  • doing a radiator flush; and
  • replacing blown fuses.

Considering Liability of DIY Work

Before you set to work, make sure you have reviewed your owner’s manual carefully. If the book provides instructions on these vehicle maintenance checklist items, chances are that it’s safe to tackle them on your own. However, if the manual says certain tasks necessitate a mechanic, then it’s not advisable to attempt those tasks.

This is primarily for liability reasons. If you do your own basic car maintenance, make a mistake and the error causes an accident, you are the one who can be held liable. Conversely, if it’s a mechanic who makes the mistake, you may have a form of legal recourse should the error cause damage. 

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