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Average Social Security Disability Benefits in Indianapolis

social-security-disability-average-paymentAfter you have been deemed eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you may be wondering what kind of disability payments you can expect. An Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer may be able to help if you if you are having complications with your disability claim and need to pursue damages.

Although it is impossible to determine how much you are entitled to in Social Security disability benefits until the Social Security Administration approves you for those benefits, being aware of what the average disability recipient receives may reveal how much you can expect.

In June 2011, the average monthly payment made to those who qualified for Social Security disability benefits was $1,069 and the average Supplemental Security Insurance payment for those who were approved was $499. The amount of money you are entitled to varies depending on your average earnings in past years and the number of dependents that live with you.

If you have been approved for disability benefits and the monthly allowance is not enough to cover your living expenses and daily needs, there may be other forms of supplemental assistance you are entitled to through a state agency, but you should speak with an Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer immediately.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer

When you have complications with your Social Security disability benefits claim, the help of an Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer is crucial to getting the assistance you need. In order to get back on track with your Social Security benefits claim, order a copy of our complimentary book, 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, then contact an Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation.