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5 Tips to Help You Avoid Slipping on Ice This Winter


The winter months are hard on most of us for many reasons. The skies are gray, the temperature is cold, but most of all, the sidewalks are iced. If you have to go out in the below-freezing temperatures, here are a few tips to help keep you on your feet.

1. Wear Proper Shoes


Tennis shoes, decorative boots, or dress shoes will not grip the ground below you, increasing your risk for a fall. If you are going to work and your snow boots just don’t go well with your business attire, then bring your dress shoes in an extra bag, and put them on once you are out of the cold and ice. Same would go for the gym, or any other place you might go that requires non-winter shoes.

2. Choose a Backpack


Just like with the shoes, we understand that this might not always be the most fashion-forward suggestion. However, there is safety reason to it. If you choose a backpack over a briefcase or a purse, your hands will be free and your body more balanced during the slippery walk across the parking lot. At the very least, consider a messenger bag or other bag you can use hands-free.

3. Don’t Trust Melting Ice


Many have fallen victim to the melting ice trick. Many times, when ice begins to melt, people feel that the area is safe to walk along. However, it is not uncommon for black ice to remain under this bit of moisture. Even if ice appears to be melting, watch your step or avoid the icy patch if you can.

4. Keep a Grip When Getting Out of Cars


Perhaps we are most vulnerable to slip and fall injuries when we first step out of our cars into the parking lot. Up until this point, most are not aware of potential dangers, and many are just thinking about how they need to get from point A to point B. Many times that first step out of the car can be a dangerous one, as a slippery parking lot may take you by surprise. Be sure to keep a secure grip when getting out of your car until you feel steady standing on the ground.

5. Stay Alert Inside


Unfortunately, you are likely still not safe inside for the first few steps out of the cold. Many people drag in the moisture on their boots, creating hazards all over the floors around you. Stay alert even once you are inside so that you do not slip and fall in someone else’s puddle. It would be recommended to keep your snow boots on until you are settled in at your desk, preferably on carpet.

Help from an Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyer

Ice can be a scary thing. It only takes one slip and fall injury to cause huge changes in your life. The sad thing about many of these injuries is that they are due to negligence. Someone didn’t salt the parking lot enough, or no one placed a wet floor sign in the entrance area to warn of potential dangers. If this is your story, then we’re here to help. Contact Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation, or contact us online.