Do I Need My Doctor’s Permission to File for Disability?

Do I Need My Doctor’s Permission to File for Disability?

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers several pieces of evidence to determine if you meet their definition of “disabled.” One of those key pieces of evidence is a person’s medical records. As part of the process to apply for disability, the SSA will request official records from your various healthcare providers. Your medical records have a great effect on your claim; therefore, it is crucial that your doctor supports you in pursuing disability insurance benefits (DIB).

What Type of Information Will My Doctor Provide?

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There are several different medical conditions for which someone could be approved for disability benefits. Some people have physical trauma while some have mental illnesses. Then there are also people who have a combination of conditions. No matter what the medical condition, any doctor that you are receiving treatment from, relevant to your condition, needs to provide information to the SSA. Each doctor will likely provide slightly different information based on their specialty. Here are some examples of types of records doctors might need to include:

  • Copies of Scans: This includes initial scans, scans that show the progression of your condition, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.
  • Specialist Reports: Any medical opinion that has been given about your condition needs to be included. Additional reports of psychiatric evaluations from your psychiatrist or psychologist is recommended if you are seeking disability based on mental illness.
  • Surgical Details: Some conditions have a surgical treatment plan. Make sure to have any notes about surgery options included in doctor’s reports. Any attempt that has been made to heal your condition but has not been successful helps your claim.
  • Treatment Plans: Include any treatment plan that has been made for you. This could be a physical therapy plan, pain management, wellness, etc. Any plan to address your condition needs to be included.
  • Medication Lists: Record all medication that you have taken or are currently taking for your condition. Make a note of the dosage and any side effects.
  • Statement of Support: Any record of doctor support needs to be included in addition to all the other information.

What If My Doctor Doesn’t Support My Claim?

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As mentioned above, written support from your doctors goes a long way. The support shows the SSA that you have not only copious supportive documents but also support from a variety of medical professionals.

There are unfortunate cases where doctors do not support disability claims. Make sure to discuss filing for disability with your doctor beforehand. The process to file, wait, and appeal can take months, even years. If you are concerned that your doctor may not support this decision, consider switching care facilities; however, it’s best only to switch if necessary.

Consult a Muncie Disability Attorney

What you need to remember is that no, you don’t need your doctor’s permission to file for disability. What you do need is your doctor’s support. In the final stages of the process, you don’t want to have your doctor’s opinion damage your claim. This would be something to discuss with a Muncie disability attorney. Consulting an attorney who specializes in disability claims is helpful because they can guide you through the process and provide detailed action steps. If you’re considering filing for disability or are in the process, call Hensley Legal Group today or contact us online for your free consultation.

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