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Summer Vacation Safety Tips for Muncie Drivers


Summer break is quickly coming up, which means going back home, taking family road trips, and generally spending more time on the road. Indiana is a great state for driving, thanks to low gas prices and well-maintained roads. Over the next 20 years, Delaware County expects to spend over 67 million dollars on improving roads and bridges as part of the state’s Next Level Roads initiative.

But improved roads don’t necessarily equal safer driving. While you can’t make other Muncie drivers follow the rules of the road, there are things you can do to make your road trip as safe as possible.

Long Road Trip Recommendations

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The drive to the nearest beach or popular vacation spot can take quite a while if you’re driving from Muncie. Start your trip on the right note with these tips for safe driving:

  • Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road. It is always good practice to take your vehicle in for tire and car maintenance at your local dealer before driving long distances. Make sure you have a spare tire and tire changing equipment and any other emergency kits you think are necessary.
  • Keep a car charger on hand. In the case of a car accident or roadside emergency, the last thing you need is for your cellphone to run out of battery. This way, you’ll always be able to call for help if you need it.
  • Know the route you’re taking. Planning your route will help determine the most efficient way to your final destination as well as plan the stops that you are taking for gas, food, and sight-seeing.
  • Drive well rested. Know when the best time for you to drive is. If you are an early riser and can function well for the morning drive shift, be the one to drive. Do not push yourself to drive when you are not naturally at your most alert state.

Road trips are all about endurance, but they should also be fun! By preparing yourself and your car ahead of time for the long trip, you can spend less time worrying about potential emergencies and more time enjoying the adventure.

No-Fault Vs. Fault States

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Unfortunately, while you may be well-rested and undistracted, other drivers may not be as prepared for their own long road trips. Before you start your trip, make sure that your car insurance coverage is up-to-date. This is important because if you get into a car accident while traveling, the state where the accident occurs could affect how you handle filing a claim.

Indiana is a fault state, which means that the law takes into consideration who causes a car accident. Usually fault is shared between the parties involved in the car accident. If the other driver was 80 percent at fault for your car accident, then you could make a claim for 80 percent of your losses or damages through the other driver’s insurance company.

In fault states, even underinsured drivers could have their accident-related injuries covered by the faulty driver’s insurance. But in no-fault states like Florida and Michigan, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident. Instead, every driver in a car accident is responsible for their own damages.

Even if the other driver is 100 percent at fault, you couldn’t get any money from their insurance company. You’d have to file a claim with your own insurance company, which could drive up your insurance premium. And if you don’t have car insurance and you are in a car accident in a no-fault state, then you will have to pay for all of your damages out of pocket (which could make a serious dent in your vacation fund).

Help from a Muncie Car Accident Attorney

Fault laws are dependent on where the accident takes place. Even if you are in an Indiana car accident with a driver from a no-fault state, Indiana’s fault laws would apply. Any time you are involved in a car accident, whether in a fault or no-fault state, you must be sure to call the police, exchange information with the other driver or drivers, and take detailed pictures and records of any damages.

Don’t let a car accident ruin your vacation. If you find yourself running into trouble with either your own or the at-fault driver’s insurance company, make sure that you are getting the compensation that you are entitled to by consulting with the local car accident attorneys of Hensley Legal Group. Call or contact us online today for a free conversation.

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