How to Handle a Car Accident at the Delaware County Fair

How to Handle a Car Accident at the Delaware County Fair

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Amid the excitement of going to the Delaware County Fair, you have to make sure that you are taking precautions before you even enter the gates in the parking lot. After all, most fairgrounds do not have paved lots with painted lines. They are often large grassy fields with parking attendants directing the flow of traffic.

Thankfully, the Delaware County Fairgrounds have a little of both. Even though the parking conditions may be better than other places, accidents still may happen. There are two typical scenarios that commonly cause car accident injuries at a county fair.

Scenario One: Hitting a Parked Car

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If you backed up too quickly into another car, made a turn too sharply, or did damage to the car in any way, don’t be tempted to drive away. Take responsibility for the accident in the following ways:

  • Wait for the Owner: Wait a reasonable amount of time to see if the owner of the car happens to come back to their car. It’s better to explain in person what happened if possible.
  • Leave a Note: At the fair, you don’t know who owns the car you hit or when they are coming back. After you’ve waited a reasonable amount of time, leave a note with your name, contact information, car insurance information, and an explanation of what happened. It’s in their control now to contact you if they wish to seek compensation.
  • Look for Eyewitnesses: There are always people coming and going from the fair; try to find any eyewitnesses to support your account of the accident. Also get their name and contact information in case you might need it later.
  • Take Pictures: Record the damages that were done to your car and the other person’s. Detailed pictures are helpful no matter the accident.
  • Call the Police: If there’s significant damage to the car (at least $1,000 worth) or if anyone has suffered an injury in the accident (no matter how minor), notify the police. What’s nice about being at the county fair is that police are there too. You don’t have to go far to find an officer on duty.

Scenario Two: Colliding with a Moving Car

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Perhaps the most common type of car accident is when two moving vehicles collide with one another. Indiana is a fault state, which means that if you are 50 percent or less at fault for causing the accident, you may be able to recover compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Hopefully, there’s not any personal injury since both parties would have been driving slowly in a parking lot, but in extreme conditions, if a car is hit just right, there can be serious property damage and personal injury. Sometimes, the at-fault driver is not insured or is underinsured, and receiving compensation is hard on your own. Don’t try to battle insurance companies and other parties without the knowledge and experience of trusted attorneys.

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