What Is an Underride Accident? | Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Underride Accident and What Can Be Done to Prevent This Type of Indiana Truck Accident from Occurring?


Truck accidents are a category of their own, separate from general car accidents in personal injury claims. An Indiana truck accident can be much more severe, and the legal process often will involve a commercial company rather than a private citizen. Working with Indianapolis law offices can help clarify this distinction.

An Underride Indiana Truck Accident Explained

A particularly severe type of truck accident is an underride. This type of accident is when a car collides with a truck from the rear and proceeds to slide underneath the truck. Underride accidents often result in very serious and potentially fatal injuries.

The risk of these accidents can be greatly reduced if trucking companies install a rear guard on their vehicles, while all drivers operate their vehicles safely and properly. While the rear guard installation may be an additional cost, it is well worth it for the added safety. It is important to note that even with a rear guard, the car could still slide underneath if there is a strong enough impact. All rear guards must meet federally outlined standards and be properly and securely installed.

If you have been involved in an underride accident, you should seek legal action through a personal injury claim with one of the Indianapolis law offices that understands the complexities of truck accident claims. A lawyer will evaluate your truck accident and determine which party is at fault and if you are able to recover damages for your injuries.

It is highly likely that your injuries will be severe in the event of an underride accident; thus, making a claim is absolutely necessary because the medical costs, property damage costs and personal losses will be high.

Contacting Indianapolis Law Offices After a Crash

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