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I Was Seriously Injured in a Car Crash in Indiana Involving a Semi-Truck and Wondered Who Regulates Large Commercial Vehicles?


Regulations on large commercial vehicles are set by the U.S. Department of Transportation to help limit the occurrences of a serious car crash in Indiana. When these regulations are broken, and you are seriously injured in a car crash in Indiana that involves a truck, you should contact an Indianapolis injury lawyer to see if you are able to receive compensation for your injuries and damages.

Both the owners of the commercial vehicles and the truck drivers themselves must adhere to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s regulations. The owners need to both check that their drivers are certified and conduct truck safety inspections.

Some of the regulations on drivers of large commercial vehicles include:

  • Not driving while tired
  • Not driving while sick
  • Not driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Obeying the speed limit
  • Properly securing cargo
  • Stopping at railroad crossings
  • Limiting number of passengers
  • Limiting distance traveled
  • Restricting time at truck stops
  • Mandating fueling operations

These U.S. Department of Transportation regulations must be followed by truck drivers and trucking companies. In the event that one or more of these regulations has been broken, a serious car crash may occur. If you have suffered major injuries or damage from a car crash in Indiana then call an Indianapolis injury lawyer to help you collect compensation.

Contact your Indianapolis injury lawyer to learn more about truck regulations and to help prove that a truck driver’s failure to abide by the regulations was the cause of your car crash in Indiana.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Injury Lawyer

Trucking companies are strictly regulated and if you were injured in a car crash in Indiana then an Indianapolis injury lawyer can get you compensation. In order to get back on track with your personal injury claim, download a copy of our FREE book, Consumer’s Guide for Injured Victimsand then contact a personal injury attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation: (317) 472-3333.