What Are the Indiana Laws for Motorcyclists? | FAQ

What Are the Indiana Laws for Motorcyclists and How Do They Impact My Indiana Personal Injury Claim?


Any kind of Indianapolis accident is tragic and dangerous, but the risks are especially high for motorcyclists. When a motorcycle and standard size automobile collide, the chances of serious injury are exponentially higher for the motorcyclist.

In order to defray the growing number of fatalities associated with motorcycle collisions, Indiana has in place a number of safety requirements for motorcyclists and motorcycles themselves.

Motorcycle Safety Laws in Indiana

  • Helmets must be worn by any riders under 18 and those with instructional permits.
  • Eye protection must be used by any riders under 18.
  • Proper passenger seat and footrest required for any instance of carrying a passenger.
  • Rearview mirror, speedometer, and electric or mechanical turn signals required.
  • Handlebars may be no higher than 15″ above the seat of a motorcycle.
  • No more than two motorcycles per lane and only with consent of both motorcyclists.
  • Motorcyclists are entitled to full use of their lane. No vehicle may obstruct motorcycle access and use of the lane. Two motorcycles may share a lane; a car and motorcycle may not share a lane.

These laws and others are in place for the safety of both motorcyclists and other motorists with whom they share the road. Staying aware of the laws of acceptable motorcyclist and motorist conduct will help keep you safe on the roads and empower you in the event of an Indianapolis accident. What’s more, being able to show that you adhere to all the motorcycle safety requirements under the law will reinforce the validity of your Indiana personal injury claim, should you have to file one.

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