What Are the Biggest Threats to My Safety as an Indiana Motorcyclist?

What Are the Biggest Threats to My Safety as a Motorcyclist in Indiana?


There are several safety threats associated with being a motorcyclist in Indiana. Many of them have to do with the visibility of motorcycles on the road and motorists’ lack of understanding about motorcycles. If you are ever injured in a motorcycle accident in Indiana, be sure to contact a motorcycle accident attorney immediately to schedule a no-cost evaluation of your personal injury claim with one of the Indianapolis law firms.

Due to the popularity of motorcycling in the state, Indianapolis law firms see a high volume of riders who have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Indiana. Know the risk factors to better protect yourself on the road.

Motorcycle Riding: Safety Risks

Because motorcycles are smaller, they are more difficult to detect at a distance and more easily obscured by blind spots. Motorists are often less adept to judge the speed of a traveling motorcycle. Due to their size, motorcycles can appear to be moving more quickly than they are, and motorists can misjudge turns or stops that increase the chances of being in a motorcycle accident in Indiana.

Many motorcyclists down-shift or apply less pressure to the throttle to slow down, rather than activating the braking mechanism. Only activating the brakes lights up brake signals, so motorists can be slow to realize the motorcycle in front of them is slowing down if they’re not paying attention.

Motorists often assume that the maneuverability of a motorcycle means that a motorcyclist can dodge obstacles easily or move freely within their lane. A motorist may cause a motorcycle accident in Indiana by assuming a motorcyclist can turn away at the last moment.

A motorcycle accident in Indiana can leave life-changing injuries. Indianapolis law firms are ready to help if you’ve been in a motorcycle crash and need help.

A Helping Hand from an Injury Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident in Indiana

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Indiana, an Indiana accident attorney at one of Indianapolis’ law firms can help you to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with filing a claim. In order to get back on track with a claim about your car crash in Indiana, download a copy of our FREE eBook, Consumer’s Guide for Injured Victimsand then contact Hensley Legal Group, one of the hardworking Indianapolis law firms, for a no-cost consultation: (317) 472-3333.