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It Pays to Work with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Indiana

Indiana is known as the “crossroads of America” for a reason. So many people from different walks of life use the road ways. This ranges from semi truck drivers to motorcycle riders and everything in between. We all have to learn to get along and share the road in order to make it a safe […]

Motorcycle Accident

October 21, 2022

Motorcycle AccidentIndiana is known as the “crossroads of America” for a reason. So many people from different walks of life use the road ways. This ranges from semi truck drivers to motorcycle riders and everything in between. We all have to learn to get along and share the road in order to make it a safe place for everyone. 

But sadly, not everyone on the road is a safe driver. When drivers become negligent, people certainly can get hurt or even killed. Motorcycle riders in particular are at an increased risk for injury due to the small size of their vehicle. In an accident with a large commercial truck, cyclists just don’t stand a chance. 

The good news is that there are people on your side who genuinely want to help if you are injured in an accident. Trust the Indiana motorcycle accident lawyers at Hensley Legal Group to provide strong representation in the event of your accident. 

We’re here and ready to listen whenever you’re ready to speak. Call our offices at 317-472-3333, chat with us online, or send us a message. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions or help you  start a claim.. 

Getting involved in a motorcycle accident is definitely one of the most frightening things you will ever do. But you’re never alone when you choose to work with Hensley Legal Group in the aftermath of your accident. 

Proper safety gear can go a long way in preventing severe injuries during a motorcycle ride

You may be the best motorcyclist in the world. But that doesn’t mean that others on the road have your best interests in mind. Even if you’re as careful as you can possibly be, it’s still possible to get into an accident. 

Many motorcyclists successfully prevent injuries by wearing proper riding gear. The Insurance Information Institute states that only 69 percent of motorcyclists wore a helmet in 2020. Being involved in a motorcycle crash can definitely hurt and leave serious injuries without protective gear, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to wear a helmet. 

A helmet that fits well protects the skull and brain, which can sustain serious injuries in a crash. Cyclists can easily be killed when they sustain heavy blows to the head. Adding an extra level of protection can keep the injuries from being quite so severe. 

Working together and sharing the road can prevent the worst from happening

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute indicates that there were 112 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents in the state of Indiana back in 2018. Any death due to a collision on the road can easily be prevented. 

Drivers in passenger vehicles should always keep an eye out for motorcyclists. Bikes are much smaller than passenger vehicles and can easily slip into blind spots. Paying attention to the road, avoiding distractions, and consistently checking blind spots while switching lanes are all excellent choices. 

Additionally, motorcyclists have a responsibility to drive safely while on the road too. The vast majority of cyclists know exactly what they’re doing out on the open road, but that’s not the case across the board. 

To prevent an accident, motorcycle drivers should always give other drivers on the road plenty of space. Your bike may be small and speedy, but it’s never a good idea to zip in and out between other vehicles. You should always wear the proper protective gear and ensure your bike is in good, working condition before you take it out. 

There are options available if the unimaginable happens out on the road

Getting involved in a motorcycle accident is the absolute last thing you want when you take your bike out for a nice ride. But you deserve to know that there are options available to you if you are involved in an accident. 

Trusting a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer is a smart move here. They’ll work in your best interests to help you recover the money you deserve. You should focus on recovering and building your strength back up. Allow your personal injury attorney to fight the insurance company to maximize your recovery.

Speak with our team today and let’s come up with a plan together

Our clients love that we work on a contingency basis. This means that our clients don’t pay us for our legal services until we win their case. If we don’t help you win compensation for your injuries, you don’t owe us any money at all. Our experienced attorneys are not motivated by money. They simply want to do the right thing and help Hoosiers who need excellent motorcycle accident representation. 

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