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What If I’m Injured at the Indianapolis 500?


It’s May. Soon, thousands of IndyCar fans will flood the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during Memorial Day weekend for the race of the year.

Although the crowds and the carefree atmosphere are part of what makes the Indy 500 a spectacle to behold, they also raise some safety concerns. Anywhere where people get impatient, angry, or intoxicated requires extra measures to ensure a fun, safe experience for everyone.

Before heading out to Indiana’s biggest race, learn about how to stay safe and what to do in the unlikely event of an injury at the Indy 500.

Safety at the Brickyard


Along with the standard warnings to designate drivers before the race begins and to stay hydrated throughout the typically warm spring day, it also helps to be aware of the people around you. It’s important to know what those around you are doing, where they are, and how you should respond to keep them and yourself safe.

A few common personal injuries that accompany large crowds of people (think Black Friday sales) are trampling, tripping, and creating unnecessary hazards. Be alert, watch where you walk, and keep track of the people you’re with.

When Is an Injury the Speedway’s Fault?


Being injured on any business’s property falls under premises liability law. You can begin to evaluate whether or not your injury is eligible for a personal injury claim by asking three simple questions:

  1. Did the injury actually occur on the owner’s property?
  2. Was the hazard that caused the injury not obvious to the victim?
  3. Did the property owner have enough time to identify and fix the hazard before the injury occurred?

If you can answer “yes” to all three of these questions, you may have a valid premises liability case. But the Speedway’s duty to spectators is a little more complicated than these three questions would make it seem.

A Business’s Duty of Care

Like any company, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway owes a specific set of duties to those who come to its events. In the language of the law, spectators are known as “invitees,” and the party that “invited” them is responsible for their safety to a degree.

The Speedway is such a large area, however, that its duty of care changes depending on the exact location of your injury. If you’re hurt in a parking lot owned by the Speedway, the duties may be different than if you were injured on your way to the bathroom in the grandstands.

Another caveat to consider is that a business only breaches their duty of care if the act that results in a hazard is negligent. Since the Speedway is so large and deals with such a large volume of people, it can’t be reasonably expected that staff members clean up every spilled drink within seconds of the spill. However, if their pre-race inspection of the bleachers doesn’t reveal a series of loose or rusted bolts that end up injuring a whole row of spectators, they may be reasonably guilty of negligence.

Guidance from an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you’re hurt in the Snake Pit or slip and fall in the stands, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a certain amount of responsibility in keeping you safe. When your injury is caused by the people in charge of making the big race possible, you deserve to be compensated for the cost of your injury.

With all the variables involved with premises liability, it’s hard to know when to pursue a premises liability claim. When in doubt, call Hensley Legal Group. Let us do the paperwork while you focus on healing. It’s always free to talk to us, so there’s no risk in calling or contacting us online today.