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What If I’m Injured in a BlueIndy Car Accident in Indianapolis?


Since it came to Indianapolis in 2015, BlueIndy has accumulated over 6,000 members, including annual subscribers. Indianapolis drivers are taking to the all-electric fleet to get around the city and find designated parking spots in key locations downtown, in the surrounding neighborhoods, and even at the airport.

The ride-share program gives drivers control of every aspect of their commute and charges based on the duration of each trip. BlueIndy lets people get where they need to go without the extra costs associated with car ownership.

However, like any other vehicle on the road, a BlueIndy car can get involved in a car accident. And BlueIndy’s insurance policies are strict on obtaining compensation for injuries, so it helps to know exactly what to do in case of a car accident.

BlueIndy Accident Procedure

If you’re ever involved in a serious accident while driving a BlueIndy car, most of the typical rules apply: call the police, exchange insurance information with other drivers, and see a doctor as soon as possible if you’re injured.

These same key steps apply in any car accident, but for BlueIndy drivers, you have to make another phone call after the accident. If you don’t contact the BlueIndy Customer Relations Center as soon as possible, you can be fined $200 and your membership may be cancelled, which means you may not be covered under BlueIndy’s insurance policy.

You can expect to stay in contact with BlueIndy’s administrators for the duration of the claims process. You also must continue to cooperate with them, providing information, witnesses’ accounts, or whatever else may be relevant to the accident, or they can cancel your membership.

Finally, you may be held responsible for any damage done to the car while it was in your possession, as well as a $500–$1000 fine.

Responsibility for Damage

BlueIndy is different than Uber or Lyft because you’re not just riding in someone else’s car; it’s as if you’re borrowing ownership of the vehicle until you return it to the charging station. For this reason, BlueIndy has to protect itself from the high risk of losing money left and right for repairs, collisions, and vandalism to its property.

This means drivers may be held responsible for paying for repairs, towing, and even administrative fees for causing damage to the car, regardless of whose fault it was. Add this to the medical bills, fines, and other expenses, and you’ll start to see how any compensation can help alleviate this burden.

Ride-Sharing Accident Injury Liability


If you’ve been injured in a BlueIndy car accident, where can you look for help? The first place is the company itself, since it provides Indiana state minimum liability insurance for its vehicles, as required by law. Each car covers up to $50,000 in personal injury liability for a person injured in an accident. If a BlueIndy car hits you, you may be able to seek compensation through this liability insurance if you’re 50 percent or less at fault for the accident.

If you’re driving the BlueIndy car and you’re 50 percent or less at fault, you also may be able to seek compensation through this liability insurance. However, because Indiana is a fault state, you also have the option of seeking compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurance company. BlueIndy may attempt to recover any payments it makes for your claim from the at-fault driver’s insurance company if you’re not at fault. BlueIndy stipulates in its terms and conditions that all members grant BlueIndy “a limited power of attorney to present claims for damage to or loss of the BlueIndy Car to your insurance carrier, if any, or to any other applicable third party.”

Outside of you and whoever else is involved in your car accident, there may be another party responsible for your injuries: BlueIndy itself. If it can be proven that the BlueIndy car was defective and BlueIndy knew or should have known, you may be able to hold BlueIndy responsible for negligence.

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