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Indianapolis, IN Premises Liability Lawyer

Indianapolis premises liability lawyersCoping with the pain and suffering of a preventable injury is difficult. Hensley Legal Group’s attorneys understand that your quality of life can affect your joy and peace of mind. Winning compensation, though, can provide life-changing medical treatment and household help.

Our law firm defends the rights of Hoosiers across the State of Indiana by taking legal actions to win compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one was injured on someone else’s property, any attorney at our firm can show you how you might qualify for premises liability damages under Indiana law. Come talk to us in a free consultation session to find out.

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We look forward to hearing from you. In the section below, you can learn more about your premises liability rights in Indianapolis.

How Indianapolis Premises Liability Claim Protects You

When you visit someone’s property, premises liability law requires the property owner to provide a measure of safety for your sake. Property owners may be liable for damages if they maliciously caused harm to someone who entered private property.

To avoid accidents, an owner might:

  • Inspect the premises to identify hazardous conditions regularly
  • Prevent or correct safety hazards
  • Warn people of known hazards

What happens if a property owner knows of a dangerous situation on his or her property? Failing to make repairs within a reasonable amount of time could be deemed negligence by an Indiana court of law. In this case, the owner may be held liable for expenses related to your injuries.

Property owners may claim ignorance of a problem to avoid paying medical bills and other damages. Insurance companies are not impartial either. They aim to increase their profit margins and pay out as few claims as possible.

Hensley Legal Group’s premises liability attorneys know that ignorance is not a valid excuse for property owners who should have known the potential consequences of an existing hazard. And our law firm has the strength and resources to stand up to insurance companies that try to trample the rights of Hoosiers for profit.

Our experienced Indiana premises liability lawyers encourage you to contact us immediately if you were injured on a property owned by someone else,

Common Causes of Premises Liability Accidents in Indianapolis, IN

What types of conditions might appear in a premises liability claim in Indianapolis? Various issues could cause harm on an Indiana property, including:

Slip-and-fall hazards

About 700 people die, and many others are injured, in slip-and-fall accidents every year. An attorney might use potential hazards like the ones below as the basis of different premises liability cases:

  • Slippery floors: Wet or icy floors could lead to slip-and-fall accidents. According to the Indiana State Department of Health, falls accounted for 55 percent of unintentional injury hospitalizations within just 1 year. A responsible property owner might post warning signs on recently washed, waxed, or polished floors or close off dangerous areas with barriers. He or she would also take care of spills promptly.
  • Loose or damaged flooring: Property owners should take care to secure rugs and mats. Loose floorboards and tiles are also potential tripping hazards.
  • Poorly maintained roads, sidewalks, and parking lots: Some accidents occur when people step into potholes or trip over uneven pavement. Were you injured because of a slip-and-fall accident involving an unattended crack or hole? A knowledgeable premises liability law attorney can help you take legal action for your pain and suffering.
  • Uneven or crumbling stairs: A slip-and-fall accident on a staircase can be fatal. If a property lacks handrails or has worn, warped, or cluttered steps, the property owner could be held accountable for the negligence associated with failing to correct these risky conditions.
  • Inadequate lighting and negligent security: If you can’t see obstacles or threats in front of you, you could easily slip and fall. Property owners should make sure pathways and stairs are well-lit at all times.

Vicious dogs

In the United States, almost 40 percent of households own a dog. Dog owners may be held liable for their pets’ actions when someone is injured in a public area, such as a park or playground.

A dog owner must obey local leash laws and take reasonable care that his or her pet is under control at all times. Dog owners might also post warnings about their dogs on their own properties. Though many Indianapolis dog owners are careful to protect the safety of others, dogs bite more than 4.5 million unfortunate victims every year.

If you or a loved one was on the receiving end of painful dog bites, John Hensley and his Indianapolis personal injury team are here for you. You can reach us anytime at (317) 526-1440. If you haven’t already, please seek medical attention for your dog bite. Swelling, redness, and pus are signs of infection that should not be ignored.

Premises Liability and Workplace Injuries

In the State of Indiana, workers’ compensation insurance pays for many on-the-job injuries. Your personal injury attorney can provide legal advice as you navigate the confusing process of benefitting from a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

We also handle claims if you receive a denial letter from the Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana. When appealing a rejected claim, our experience and resources can make a real difference. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your rights to workers’ compensation and Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) today at (317) 526-1440.

In some work accident or premises liability claims, a third party shares the responsibility for dangerous conditions. If the failings of a designer, manufacturer, or distributor played a role in a faulty equipment accident, you might be eligible for additional compensation. Hensley Legal Group never charges you for determining whether or not you have a case, so there is nothing to lose! Request your free consultation with us today.

How Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers Defend Your Rights

When you contact our Indiana law firm, our premises liability attorneys take action to investigate your claim. Once we gather the evidence to build a strong case, we take prompt action to seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

Since 1998, Hensley Law Group has recovered millions in damages for our clients. In Indianapolis, Indiana, you might meet the requirements to claim compensation for:

  • Lost wages: Indianapolis premises liability accident victims often miss work due to their injuries and medical appointments. A premises liability attorney, though, can calculate how much you are owed for lost income and help ensure you get every penny you deserve.
  • Medical expenses: A few hours in an Indianapolis hospital could result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. Some accident victims accept insurance settlements hastily but, with the growing costs of ongoing treatment and future complications, they realize too late that the settlement amount was insufficient. Why take a chance? Hensley Legal Group’s premises liability lawyers can ensure that you know how much your claim is worth.
  • Pain and suffering: Indianapolis premises liability lawyers can seek pain and suffering compensation to address the non-economic consequences of an accident. For instance, you might not enjoy activities as you did before your injury. Scarring, disfigurement, and long-term disabilities can make it challenging to care for your own needs. And emotional trauma can make life seem difficult.

The severity of your injuries and how they impact your life will influence how much you receive in a successful claim. A Hensley Legal Group premises liability lawyer can determine how much compensation you qualify to receive. Call (317) 526-1440 for a free case evaluation in Indianapolis, Indiana, or anywhere in the state.

Why Speak to a Marion County Premises Liability Lawyer As Soon As Possible

For a premises liability lawsuit to be successful, attorneys need to meet deadlines set by the State of Indiana and the property owner’s insurance company. You may be eager to settle quickly before bills for medical expenses generate late charges and ruin your credit.

If you have been injured, you can learn about your eligibility to file an Indiana premises liability case by requesting your free case review with Hensley Law Group at (317) 526-1440.

Whether Hensley Law Group must take your case to court or not, our competent team has the resources necessary to handle all types of premises liability cases. So don’t let another person’s negligence jeopardize your future. Contact a premises liability attorney with our law firm today to discover how these members of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 seek justice and maximum compensation.

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