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Indianapolis, IN Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis drunk driving accident lawyersIn the State of Indiana, it is illegal for drivers 21 or older to drive with a blood alcohol limit (BAC) greater than .08 percent. Sadly, despite the drinking and driving laws that the government has established, many drivers choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk drivers cause thousands of serious and even fatal car crashes every year.

Those who carelessly risk their own lives and the lives of others on the road should be held responsible for their actions. The compassionate Indianapolis personal injury lawyers at Hensley Legal Group understand how devastating drunk driving accidents can be. Our law firm has helped many injured victims of drunk drivers receive the justice and compensation they deserve, and we can help you too.

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How Alcohol Affects Your Driving Skills

A driver in Indianapolis whose BAC is over .08 is considered to be driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). However, even a small amount of alcohol can negatively affect a person’s driving and result in a serious car accident.

These are just a few of the ways that alcohol impairs your driving skills:

  • Reaction time: Alcohol can slow your reflexes and affect how quickly you respond to changing situations. If the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops, or a pedestrian steps out into the road, it may take your brain longer to process the situation and prevent a car accident.
  • Judgment: Your judgment controls how you make decisions while behind the wheel. It affects your ability to reason, think clearly, and think ahead. It allows you to foresee potential hazards and plan how to react and avoid them. Alcohol impairs judgement, causing you to make foolish or unsafe decisions.
  • Concentration: Driving requires you to focus on a number of different things all at once such as staying in your lane, maintaining correct speed, obeying road signals, and identifying changes in traffic. Alcohol reduces a driver’s attention span and increases his or her chances of being involved in an accident.
  • Comprehension: Alcohol can impair your ability to understand and interpret traffic signs, traffic signals, and behavior from other drivers that would require you to respond quickly for safety.
  • Vision: Intoxicated drivers may experience blurred or double vision, or have difficulty controlling their eye movement. Alcohol impacts a person’s ability to judge depth and distance. Studies have shown drunk drivers tend to focus on one set point for an extended period of time and may not notice objects in their peripheral vision.
  • Coordination: The more you drink, the more your motor skills (such as eye, hand, and foot coordination) are affected. Good coordination is essential to safe driving. Signs of reduced coordination include swaying or the inability to walk a straight line or even stand straight.

Why Hire an Indianapolis Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

A driver who was legally intoxicated at the time of the accident and received a DUI is almost always found to be at fault for the alcohol-related collision. This means that it should be easy to recover compensation for your injuries from the insurance company of the drunk driver, right?

Unfortunately, recovering damages after a drunk driving accident is not usually as simple as it should be.

Insurance companies deny claims for a host of different reasons. They may assert that your injuries were pre-existing and that you weren’t really injured in the drunk driving accident. Or they may accuse you of causing the accident. The lawyers at Hensley Legal Group know how to fight back against the defense tactics employed by insurance companies.

In addition, our Indianapolis drunk driving accident lawyers will work to identify additional third parties who may be liable for your car accident. These third parties might include:

    • Employers: If the impaired driver was working at the time of the auto accident
  • Car manufacturers and technicians: If a defective part or improper maintenance contributed to the collision
  • Non-intoxicated drivers: If a driver other than the drunk driver acted negligently and caused or contributed to your injuries
  • City municipalities: If a large pothole, unmarked construction zone, or another hazard that should have been cared for by the local government contributed to the accident

Indianapolis Drunk Driving Accidents and Dram Shop Law

Alcohol-related car accidents often occur after someone drinks too much at a bar or restaurant and then decides to drive home. Indiana is one of several states that has dram shop law in place. Under this law, an establishment that over-served the drunk driver could be held liable for damages.

Indiana dram shop cases can be complex and difficult to prove. You will need a skilled drunk driving accident lawyer on your side to build a solid case for you. In order for the lawsuit to be successful, your attorney must prove:

  • The party that sold or served the alcohol knew that the person was intoxicated but continued to serve him or her
  • The person’s intoxication was a foreseeable cause of the injury

The personal injury lawyers at Hensley Legal Group are well-versed in Indiana’s dram shop law. If a drunk driver caused you to be injured in a motor vehicle accident, our law firm is here to help. We can investigate your accident, gather evidence, file lawsuits against all negligent parties, and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Getting Compensation After Being Injured By an Indianapolis Drunk Driver

At Hensley Legal Group, we firmly believe there is no excuse for driving drunk. It’s irresponsible, reckless, and unnecessarily puts people’s lives in danger. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with an Indianapolis drunk driver, it may bring you peace of mind to make the guilty party pay for the damage caused.

When we take on your case, the drunk driving accident attorneys at our law firm will fight tirelessly to hold the negligent party accountable and maximize your financial recovery. Depending on the extent of your injuries and the circumstances of your motor vehicle accident, you may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Wrongful death
  • Punitive damages

When negotiating a settlement for your personal injury claim, we may bring in Indianapolis car accident reconstructionists or other experts. Our attorneys will also speak to witnesses, examine police reports, review medical records, collect video footage, and gather other evidence to build a solid case for you.

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