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When Hearing Loss Points to Head Injury after Accident in Indiana

hearing-loss-after-car-accident-lawyersOne sign of a head injury that could be missed after an accident in Indiana is sudden sensorineural hearing loss. This condition, which affects your inner ear, may be noticeable when you try to make a phone call. If you’ve noticed a difference in your hearing ability after an accident, seek medical treatment and speak to an Indianapolis brain injury attorney.

Signs and Symptoms of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Signs and symptoms include the following:

  • Certain sounds seeming too loud
  • Difficulty understanding a conversation when several people are talking
  • Difficulty hearing when the background is noisy
  • Difficulty hearing women’s voices more than men’s voices
  • Difficulty deciphering high-pitched sounds
  • Other voices sounding mumbled or slurred
  • Feeling dizzy or off balance
  • Ringing in the ears

A diagnosis can be made with a hearing test and a Romberg test, which detects poor balance. Although recovery is likely, some patients will experience hearing loss that gets worse over time. Seeking prompt medical treatment will increase your chances of recovery from signs of a serious head injury.

After you’ve been involved in an accident in Indiana, protect your legal rights by contacting an Indianapolis brain injury attorney for help pursuing a personal injury claim.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Brain Injury Attorney

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