Dealing With Dogs? Here's How to Exercise Caution

Dealing With Dogs? Here's How to Exercise Caution


When we think of dogs, many of us think of man’s best friend, the loyal companions with wagging tails and friendly demeanor. However, anyone who has ever been attacked by a dog may feel differently.

While many dogs are friendly and harmless, some dogs are not, and these animals can really injure someone that they attack. Because of this, there is a certain level of precaution to exercise around dogs, particularly if you do not know the dog.

Ask Permission


Anytime you see a dog in public or even in someone’s private residence, it is important that you ask permission before you approach or pet the dog. This is important for multiple reasons. First, the dog may be a support dog, and it may be assisting the owner in some form, and therefore it should not be distracted from the task at hand. Another reason this is important is that you may not know the temperament of the dog. The dog may be very protective of the owner, and if you approach it too aggressively, it may attack. The owner would know this and would deny permission if asked for your own safety.

Remain Calm


If ever you are approached by a dog in a way that feels more aggressive than you are comfortable with, it is important that you remain calm. Dogs can sense your fear through your body language, and more aggressive dogs may react to this. Instead, stand with your hands by your side and avoid eye contact.

Avoid Risky Situations


Many dogs can be rather temperamental under certain situations. Because of this, it is wise to avoid approaching a dog in any situation where they might react aggressively out of fear or irritation. This might include when they are:

  • Sleeping: Many dogs, like humans, get startled when they are awakened from sleep. When this happens, they are likely to snap or bite out of fear.
  • Focused: If a dog is focusing on something such as another animal or human, they might become irritable if you approach them and break their focus.
  • With puppies: Mother dogs tend to be very protective of their babies, and therefore they might act uncharacteristically aggressive if you approach them in a way that makes them feel as though their babies may be in danger.
  • On their own property: Some dogs tend to be very protective of their property. Even if a dog is chained, you should never enter the property without the escort of the dog’s owner, and you should certainly never approach the dog without this escort as well.
  • Eating: Some dogs are very particular about their food and bones, and this can make them very aggressive during these times. It is not wise to approach a dog whenever they are eating or chewing on a bone.

Help from an Evansville Personal Injury Attorney

While there are certain precautions to take when dealing with dogs, we cannot disregard the fact that many are severely injured, and some even killed, in dog attacks every year. If you were injured by someone else’s dog, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online.