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How to Navigate Evansville Lane Closures


This past April, police shut down the southbound lanes and one northbound lane of Highway 41 in Gibson County due to a crash that morning involving a semi truck and a pick-up. These lane closures affected many commuters traveling south to Evansville on their way to work, as the typically fast-paced highway was now congested into limited lanes.

After a car accident, many drivers are forced to merge, and this can greatly reduce the speed at which you may be used to traveling on the highway. It is important to exercise caution in these situations.

Stay Alert: Watch for Brake Lights


The flow of traffic often slows down significantly when a lane is closed. With that in mind, unexpected braking may occur at any minute. As you drive, be on the lookout for brake lights, and be sure to touch your brakes as soon as the person in front of you hits theirs so you may avoid rear ending them in the case of a quick stop.

Slow Down


When accounting for the slowing of traffic, be sure to slow your speed whenever you see signs indicating that lane merges or closures will occur ahead. Once again, by taking initiatives and slowing down early, you can avoid any need to slam on your brakes last minute down the road.

Don’t Tailgate


It is wise to avoid tailgating the person in front of you at any time. However, this is especially important in the case of lane closures. Because you may need to slam on your brakes last minute, you should avoid tailgating at all costs. Keep at least two car lengths between you and the car in front of you if possible to avoid any collisions.

Heed Signs, and Move Over in a Timely Manner


In most cases of lane closures, warning signs will be posted miles ahead. Be sure to heed these warnings early and merge into the open lane as soon as possible, both as a general courtesy to your fellow drivers and to help the flow of traffic. The closer you get to the lane closure, the less likely drivers will allow you to merge. Therefore, it is important to merge early so you may avoid any forced situations of last minute decisions.

Be Patient


As hard as it may be when you have work to get to or children to drop off, remain patient in these situations. Collisions often occur because of irritated and aggressive drivers. Try to account for the delay, and leave a few minutes early.

Help from an Evansville Car Accident Attorney

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