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Defining Loss of Function in a Musculoskeletal System Disability

musculoskeletal-system-disabilityAn impairment of the musculoskeletal system could lead to disability in Indiana. SSI or SSDI benefits may be available to help cover the lost income you are without if you are no longer able to work. Consulting with a disability attorney in Indianapolis will help you learn if you qualify.

Determining disability in a condition of the musculoskeletal system is dependent on a loss of function.
In general terms, this applies to an individual’s ability to walk, perform daily tasks, and utilize fine and gross motor movements.

A loss of functioning also means that activities cannot be performed without assistance or adaptations.
This can range from the use of braces, crutches or any type of hand-held assistive device.

Other loss of function may include:

  • Grasping
  • Reaching
  • Pulling
  • Pushing

These are just some examples of actions that may be impaired due to a severe medical condition.

An inability to take care of oneself (preparing a meal, bathing) or perform typical work duties (filing, sorting papers) are other types of limitations that may lead to someone seeking disability benefits.

Indiana SSI and SSDI benefits could be available if you suffer from a severe medical impairment related to the musculoskeletal system. A disability attorney in Indianapolis can help determine eligibility.

A Helping Hand from Disability Attorney in Indianapolis

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