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How Avoiding the Government Shutdown Means Good News for Your Claim

governmentRetrieved April 13, 2011 from Vocus/PRWEB:

On Friday, April 8, 2011 Congress reached a budget settlement and avoided a government shutdown.

Some Social Security Disability claimants have been worried about the effect that a government shutdown would have on their claim.  Their worries can be set aside.  Last week Congress reached a budget settlement, so the federal government will not be shut down.

Winning a disability claim can already take years to achieve, so this potential shut down caused some to worry that it would take even longer to receive benefits.  Although the shut down was avoided and Social Security Disability remains unaffected, the process can still be burdensome and long.

Hiring an attorney to help you navigate the process is one of the smartest decisions a claimant can make.  Hensley Legal Group will ensure that all of your medical records and paperwork reaches Social Security before its deadline. We know what methods work best for arguing your case in order to get you approved.  We can file your appeal if necessary and make sure you are receiving the correct amount of benefits.

Understanding Social Security Disability can be difficult.  If you’re frustrated with the lengthy, confusing process of Social Security disability, then call us today. Whether you’re looking to hire a lawyer now or just need a little information to get you started, we’re happy to help.