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Sprained Ribs after a Car Accident

If your chest sustains a severe blow in a car accident, it can damage the ligaments and supporting structures in the chest, causing sprained ribs. The damage and overstretching of these ligaments can cause pain and swelling, and may take months of healing time in order to fully heal.

Three Grades of Rib Sprain

After any car accident, obtain a medical examination for proper diagnosis and treatment. If you are experiencing pain in the chest area, the doctor will perform a physical exam and may order an x-ray to rule out any rib fractures.

Like other sprains, sprained ribs can be classified as Grade I, II, or III:

  • Grade I – mildest type of sprain with slight ligament stretching which causes a mild pain and minimal swelling.
  • Grade II – grade II sprains are considered moderate, characterized by stretching and small tears in the ligaments. Greater pain and swelling occurs.
  • Grade III – this is the most severe type of sprain in which the ligaments are torn, causing intense pain and difficulty breathing.

Recovery from Rib Sprains

Rib sprains are generally treated with RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs can help manage the pain that comes with rib sprain injuries.

Recovery time can be considerably long, depending upon the severity. Grade I sprains may take just a few weeks to heal, while Grade II or III sprains can take months to heal.

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