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Hensley Legal Group Scholarship Program

In 2017, Hensley Legal Group sponsored three recent high school graduates with one-time $1,000 scholarships. We’ve continued this tradition every year since with our Hensley Legal Group Scholarship Program.

Our Mission

Since we opened in 1998, community service has been a top priority for us here at Hensley Legal Group. Serving others is part of our core mission, and we strive to serve outside of the courtroom in the daily lives of our neighbors.

Our staff and attorneys participate in multiple service projects each year, but as a company of about 55 employees, it’s hard to extend our service beyond the local Indianapolis community. While we love our city and continue in our efforts to improve and care for it, we want to extend our impact to the rest of the state.

Hensley Legal Group is proud to serve all of Indiana with our law practice. Now, we’re excited to serve all Hoosiers across the state through our scholarship program.

How to Apply

We’re excited to continue to help bright Hoosier students pursue their dreams with a college education. This year, we will choose students from:

  • Decatur Central High School (Indianapolis)
  • George Washington Community High School (Indianapolis)
  • New Prairie High School (New Carlisle)
  • Harrison High School (Evansville)

Students do not have to be interested in studying law to apply.

Our scholarship program is embedded in existing scholarship programs at the aforementioned schools. To apply for our scholarship, ask your high school guidance counselor(s) for more information.

Our Hope

We hope to include more Indiana high schools on our list as our scholarship program grows. If you’d like to submit your high school to participate in the Hensley Legal Group Scholarship Program, please contact us at [email protected].

At Hensley Legal Group, we are dedicated to serving not only those who have been injured or disabled in Indiana, but also our community as a whole. With this scholarship program, we hope to help the young people of Indiana improve their lives with a quality college education and to fill our state with a college-educated workforce that’s as eager and able to give back to our home state as we are.