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Precautions to Take at Water Parks


Regulations are important to follow, especially when you are responsible for the well-being of children. A water park in Northwest Indiana learned this the hard way when an equipment malfunction caused 10 children to suffer chemical burns due to over-chlorination.

Many times, when we go to a pool, we are so concerned about the pool being clean that we can forget that chemicals are how this happens. In the correct amount, these chemicals are relatively harmless, but in cases such as this one, they can be a hazard.

According the health department who worked this case, the pool’s equipment malfunctioned and caused the water to become over-chlorinated. This mistake caused children’s legs and arms to break out into rashes, which eventually turned into blisters.

Many attribute this malfunction to the fact that the water park did not have the permits, inspections, water samples, and functioning equipment necessary to ensure a safe environment. As a result, the park is now closed until they can make these changes.

These are the type of incidents that simply should not happen, and it becomes especially unfortunate whenever it involves children. When you visit a water park, you trust that the park did their own part in ensuring safety, making it difficult to avoid an injury if the water park chooses to break that trust. However, there are other potential dangers at any water park that you can avoid if you take the necessary precautions during your day out in the sun with the kids:



Ask any dermatologist, no matter the darkness of your skin or the amount of time you are in the sun, and they’ll tell you that not only do you need to use sunscreen, but that you also need to reapply it throughout the day. Many people try to avoid sunscreen for various reasons, and many of these people do not realize when they begin to burn. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is important to wear sunscreen even at an indoor water park. Many people think that they are safe if the water park is indoors, but what they don’t realize is many of these parks have windows in the ceiling that allow light in. Regardless of the temperature outside, if you are in this sunlight, you can be susceptible to sunburn. Reapplying every three to four hours is usually the recommended amount.

Take Breaks


As seen above, chlorine can be dangerous. Even if the water park is diligent in maintaining the right levels of chlorine, people can experience irritation from the chemicals on their skin and in their lungs. It is recommended that you take regular breaks from the water so that your skin is not exposed to it all day, and so that you are not continually breathing in the chemicals coming off the water.

Be Aware


Most water park attractions are built with safety in mind, and although lifeguards and other staff members are trained to maintain that safety, it is still wise to remain aware of your surroundings throughout the day. As nice as it sounds to lay back, close your eyes, and relax, it is important that you remain alert to others around you to make sure that no one runs into you or one of your children.

Stay Clean


Do yourself and your fellow pool-goers a favor and take the recommended shower before getting into the pool. The reason so much chlorine is needed is because everyone who enters the pool carries a countless number of germs with them. Be sure to alert your children of these dangers as well.

Wear Shoes


Water parks contain ideal conditions for the growth and transfer of foot fungus, including the irritating condition called athlete’s foot. Be sure that you wear flip-flops any time you are outside of the pool.

Help from an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

While water parks are a fun way to spend a summer day, it is important that you do it safely. It is also important that the water park does its own part in keeping you and all other patrons safe. When this doesn’t happen, you see unfortunate events such as the one discussed earlier. If you are the victim of water park negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. Call Hensley Legal Group today to set up a free consultation, or contact us online.