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Coal Truck Sideswipes School Bus, 10 Children Hospitalized

Posted on Nov 15, 2010

November 9, 2010 – Washington, IN – Nine children from Veale Elementary School were injured when a coal truck sideswiped their school bus on November 9.

The Washington-Times Herald reports that the school bus accident occurred after 3 p.m., when 56-year-old Barbara White Riker, driver for the Washington Community Schools bus No. 7, proceeded to stop on Indiana state road 57 in Daviess County to let off a child.

Truck driver Alecia Sedam, 35, tried to slow down, but the truck’s brakes locked. While she was able to avoid a head-on collision with the school bus, the truck still sideswiped the vehicle. It then jackknifed and blocked all of the road’s 3 lanes.

Sedam and 10 of the approximately 20 children on the school bus were sent to Daviess Community Hospital with minor injuries. According to reports from the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office, none of the injuries were considered life threatening.

Among the witnesses to the truck accident is 41-year-old Joseph Cambron, who was behind the school bus in a U.S. Department of Agriculture van. Cambron says he swerved off the road into a ditch to avoid contact with the coal truck.

Word of the accident was spread to parents of Veale Elementary School students through the school’s automated notification system, at which time parents rushed to the scene.

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