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SSA Tries to Recoup $5 Billion Lost by Disability Benefit Overpayment

The findings of a report from the Center for Public Integrity at iWatch News concluded that in the year 2010 alone, the Social Security Administration accidentally overpaid benefits owed to disabled Americans by more than $1.4 billion, growing the overall overpayment loss to $5.4 billion.

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the SSA relies on dated information from the IRS to determine if a beneficiary’s income exceeds the $1,000 per month cap. It was concluded that over 80% of the cases examined by the GAO included out-of-date beneficiary employment status in the SSDI file.

Often, workers would return to work and the employment status would not be updated, resulting in workers who earned more than the $1000 per month maximum in income continued to receive benefits.

As the SSA struggles to establish repayment plans and withhold future benefits to correct the problem, new Social Security Disability claimants need to worry about the potential constriction of available funds.

The SSA is already backlogged by at least 2 years and with additional resources targeted at collecting overpaid funds and even more scrutiny placed on each incoming application, it is wise to contact an Indiana Social Security lawyer who can help you with your Social Security disability claim in Indiana and protect your rights for the benefits you need and deserve.

A Helping Hand from an Indiana Social Security Lawyer

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