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Mooresville Teen Cyclist Suffers Head Injuries in Truck Accident

April 11, 2011 – Indianapolis, IN – A Mooresville teen cyclist was left with internal andhead injuries, as well as a broken leg, after a March 23 collision with a tractor trailer along State Road 67.

According to reports from WISH TV 8, Brad Cook, a Camby resident and Mooresville High School student, failed to yield to a truck that was traveling south along State Road 67, near Mooresville Road.

Cook, 18, was traveling west at the time of the crash, in which the front of the truck hit his bicycle. When Plainfield EMS arrived on scene, he was transported to Wishard Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. No information was provided on the truck driver’s identity or whether he sustained injuries in the crash.

According to the article, Cook may have been listening to an iPod as he rode his bike and may not have heard the approaching truck. In addition, Cook had previous damage to his right eye, which may have infringed his view. 

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