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Medical Malpractice Caused from Alcohol and Operating in Indiana

May 9, 2011 –Medical malpractice is shown to be related to surgeons drinking alcohol and operating in Indiana the following day.

According to a CNN story, a study showed that surgeons who drank alcohol the night before they had to operate had an altered performance level on the operating table.

The study took place at Yale University where 8 professional surgeons were invited to a dinner party and were told to drink until they felt an alcohol effect. The next morning, the surgeons were tested on their blood alcohol content. Seven had a blood alcohol content level of zero.

The surgeons continued their day by performing virtual operation tasks for laparoscopic surgery, involving small incisions and a fiber-optic camera. It was concluded there were more errors made throughout the day compared to the surgeon’s performance rate on the same operation from the previous day, when no alcohol had been consumed prior to surgery.

Although, it hasn’t been proven if mild to moderate drinking the night before can affect a surgeon’s performance the next day, researchers suggest surgeons stay away from alcohol if they’re operating the next day.

If you or someone you know faces injuries due to a medical malpractice in Indiana, it may have been because your surgeon was drinking alcohol and operating in Indiana the next day. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical malpractice. AnIndiana medical malpractice attorney will review your case and determine the compensation you deserve.

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