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Man Arrested in Connection with Deadly Hit and Run Accident in Indianapolis

May 12, 2011 – Indianapolis, Ind. – Police have arrested the driver who they said killed one man and seriously injured another in a weekend hit and run accident in Indianapolis. According to a report at WISH TV, the 24-year-old man is facing multiple felony charges.

The Indianapolis Police Department has been on a continuing manhunt for this suspect, who is accused of hitting two pedestrians on West Morris Street on Saturday night.

The accident killed a 33-year-old man and left another man in critical condition. Police say they received a tip about the man’s 2000 Ford Ranger pickup, which led them to the suspect. After his arrest, the suspect admitted that he had hit the men and fled the scene without stopping.

In an interview with Fox 59, the driver said he remembers hitting something on West Morris Street, but he thought it might have been a pothole or a dog. When he heard about the accident later, the driver admitted that he knew he was the perpetrator, but he was “too scared” to come forward.

He has twice been convicted of felony crimes in the past, although the specific crimes were not disclosed. Now he is facing additional felony charges, including fleeing the scene of an accident that caused a fatality and bodily injury.

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