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Indianapolis Family Sues City for Fatal Motorcycle Crash

December 14, 2010 – Indianapolis – According to the news website Local12.com, the family of Eric Wells, who was recently killed in a motorcycle accident with an Indianapolis police officer, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Indianapolis, claiming $700,000 in damages, the maximum amount allowed according to state law.

The fatal accident happened in August, when Officer David Bisard drove his police vehicle into 30-year-old Wells’ motorcycle. Bisard had his police siren and lights on at the time of the fatal motorcycle accident, and witnesses stated that the police officer was weaving in and out of traffic and speeding. Bisard hit 2 motorcycles in the crash, killing Wells, and seriously injuring 2 others, all of whom were stopped at an intersection.

The lawsuit claims “gross negligence” by Bisard, claiming that crash investigators failed to give him a breath test at the scene. In the state of Indiana, a breath test at the scene was required by state law. DUI charges against Bisard were later dropped when a blood test was conducted improperly.

Bisard currently faces charges of reckless homicide.

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