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Will Indiana raise the $5 million liability cap on victims’ compensation?

Posted on Oct 07, 2011

According to a report in News-Sentinel, there may be some reconsideration made on raising the $5 million liability cap on victims’ compensation in Indiana. This comes after Governor Mitch Daniels spoke recently on a television station and hinted that legislators should think about making such a change.

A month after the tragic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, that took the lives of 7 people and injured dozens of others, Governor Daniels wasn’t ready to consider increasing the cap.  However with a lawsuit against the state of Indiana challenging the $5 million cap, he seems to be reconsidering.

The problem with the $5 million cap on liability is that it doesn’t take into consideration situations where multiple people are involved, such as was the case in the stage collapse.

The legislature may decide to relook at the cap, making it dependent upon how many victims are involved or raising it to a higher arbitrary level. However at this point many want to wait and see how the situation with the Indiana State Fair stage collapse plays out. There’s more to uncover as far as liability and how insurance coverage will be affected.

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