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New Indiana Moped Requirements Pending

Posted on May 11, 2011

May 11, 2001 – The decision to add license and insurance to Indiana moped requirements is still being negotiated by Indiana state lawmakers.

Indiana is concerned that the price of gas and rising temperatures will increase the number of mopeds out on the roads. According to Indianapolis’s 13 Investigates, it has been discovered that many people driving mopeds don’t have a license or insurance, and may be under the influence when they’re operating the vehicles.

Indiana state lawmakers are deciding whether to pass a new set of Indiana moped requirements, making it mandatory to have a license and insurance if you plan on riding a moped on public roads.

However, some moped motorists have had their driver’s license revoked because of previous negligent driving. Considering this circumstance, the decision to require a license and insurance hasn’t yet been made final because it may be unfair to moped motorists. In the meantime, Indiana moped requirements will stay as is, allowing anyone 15 or older to ride a moped without insurance.

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