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Driver Ejected and Killed in Muncie Pickup Truck Accident

July 21, 2011 – Muncie, Ind – Indianapolis resident William M. Isby, 45, died, after airlifted to Methodist Hospital Monday night, after sustaining serious injuries from a rollover accident on the Muncie Bypass, according to the Indy Star.

According to the front-seat passenger Damon Price Sr., the Ford F-150 pickup truck began to swerve out of control while on the exit ramp from the Muncie Bypass to Hoyt Avenue. It then swerved off of the ramp and fell into a ditch. Price said that he had not sustained any serious injuries from the accident.

The Indiana State Police report indicates that once the truck was off the ramp, it rolled over multiple times before it came to a rest in an upright position.

The driver, Isby, was ejected from the vehicle and sustained serious head injuries. Police say he was not wearing a seat belt.

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