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Burglary Suspect Injured in Marion County Crash After High-Speed Chase

May 18, 2011 – Indianapolis, Ind. – One person suffered personal injuries on Tuesday when a police chase resulted in a high-speed crash. According to a report at Fox 59, Indianapolis police were trying to catch a burglary suspect who refused to pull over after multiple attempts to stop him. The crash occurred on Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the chase covered two counties and reached a high rate of speed before it ended in the Marion County crash.

The suspect, a man who has not been identified, attempted to evade police in Morgan County, where he was wanted on a suspected burglary charge.

After leading officers through Marion County, the suspect slammed into a tree in south Indianapolis. The suspect was traveling at a high rate of speed when he crashed, which is evident from video taken at the scene.

The video shows a small silver sedan that is almost completely unrecognizable as a car. Both the back and front ends are crushed, and the driver’s side sustained severe damage.

The suspect was injured in the crash, although the severity of his injuries was not disclosed. He was airlifted to a nearby trauma hospital, where his condition is currently unknown.

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