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How Does Technology Affect Workers’ Compensation Claims?

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It’s a given that technology has affected the workplace. However, what many people may not realize is that technology has also affected workers’ compensation claims.

How Technology Helps Injured Workers

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New technological advancements are improving how employers communicate necessary workers’ compensation programs to their employees.

  • Sharing Critical Information: Smart phone applications are being utilized like never before by employers to relay critical information that can prevent injuries. Also, claim updates can be given to employees via different applications.
  • Workforce Training: Keeping track and training employees has never been easier because of online programs and mobile apps. Since employers can monitor who has completed training virtually, the majority of trainings can be done from pretty much anywhere — decreasing time away from the workday.
  • Delivering Care: Injured workers can use different mobile apps and get directed to the numerous preferred medical providers.
  • Managing Claims: Technology can customize email alerts, notifications, and reminders, like when prescriptions are ready.

How Technology May Help Your Claim

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  • Wearable Technology: Body cameras can record actions of workers throughout the day to have for reference in training and workers’ compensation claims. Also, technology like Fitbits and Apple Watches can encourage healthy behaviors. Wearable technology can document the actions of an employee during a workplace accident and may help prove that the employee was injured on the job.
  • iPhones and Tablets: Streamlining reports, company platforms, and evaluation tasks are being reformatted for mobile apps. Since so many people have a smartphone or tablet or could be provided one for work, it only makes sense to streamline clerical work as much as possible. Mobile apps allow workers in the field or on job sites to complete reports more thoroughly than from memory later. This helps with workers’ compensation claims because it increases the amount of accurate documentation there may be of a workplace accident.
  • Video Technology: Videoconferencing technology now makes it easy to participate in meetings when several parties are in different locations. This may decrease the risk of employees being injured in car accidents while on the job because they don’t have to drive to a specific location to attend the meeting. It also may allow employees to work from home while they recover from a workplace injury, if they are able.

These inventive technological gadgets are extremely helpful but are far from perfect. Even though the claim process may be optimized because of technology, workers who suffer from debilitating injuries may still face a long, drawn out process when they file for workers’ compensation. Technology has made several things easier but hasn’t perfected anything just yet.

Hire a Muncie Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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