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I Was Injured in a Muncie Fire. Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?


We’re only a few months into 2019, yet Muncie fires have already claimed the lives of valuable community members. Fire accidents can happen to any family at any time, but not every fire results in a personal injury claim.

Why is that? Well, personal injury cases depend on negligence. That means that someone else’s action or lack of action is directly responsible for your injuries. For instance, maybe you were injured in a fire at your apartment. Accidents happen, so it’s entirely possible that no one may be responsible for the fire or your injuries. However, if the landlord knew beforehand that the apartment wasn’t up to fire code and failed to address the issue, the landlord may be responsible for the injuries you sustained in the fire.

Preventative Actions to Decrease Fire Risk in the Home


Along with each case having its own complex details, so can a fire in regard to how it can start. All it can take is taking your eyes off the stove or forgetting to blow out a candle sitting on a bedside table. The following are common ways a house fire can start and preventative actions or tips that can make you more aware about fire dangers.

  • Test the smoke alarms. Proper protocol is to test the smoke alarms in your house once a month. Thankfully, if the batteries in your smoke alarms are running low, the alarm will let you know with a continual chirp until the batteries are replaced.
  • Inspect the home’s heating source. Does your home run on gas or electric? The answer depends how you will go about checking the maintenance of your heating source.
    • Natural Gas Furnace: This requires professional inspection but as a homeowner, it is best to know how to turn off the gas at the main valve located near your gas meter.
    • Electric Heat Source: Have an annual inspection, but make sure to change your filter and have at least three feet of space free in front of the furnace.
  • Don’t wander while cooking. While dinner is in the oven or there is food warming up on the stove top, it is easy to think that you can leave the kitchen to do something else. However, that’s a dangerous decision to make. Stay in the kitchen at all times, continuously watching in case something burns.
  • Use candles wisely. Candles are great to help the home smell fresh and inviting but burning them for long hours can be dangerous. Never leave a candle burning while asleep or if someone is not in the house. Keep them away from flammable items such as blankets and curtains.

Hire a Muncie Personal Injury Attorney

As mentioned before, personal injury claims involving a fire can be tricky. Rather than thinking you do not have a case if a fire is involved, contact the attorneys at Hensley Legal Group first so we can offer a better picture of your options. Call or contact us online today for a free consultation