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Why Is Hiring a Muncie Car Accident Attorney Important?


It’s common to meet a person and learn that they have been involved in at least one car accident in their lives. From fender-benders to serious multi-car pile-ups, whether at fault or completely innocent, many people have been in a car accident in some form or another.

Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, you typically only have two options to attempt to recover any property or finances you’ve lost: represent yourself or hire a Muncie car accident attorney. Some people represent themselves successfully, but it’s worth looking into the advantages of hiring a Muncie car accident attorney to determine what’s best for you and your specific situation.

Muncie Car Accident Attorneys Understand Time Limits


Each state has its own statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim after a Muncie car accident. In Indiana, the statute is two years from the time of the accident, not from the time of injuries being reported. One of the benefits to hiring a car accident attorney is that they will understand the timeline of events and will work to meet all the deadlines. The attorneys know what things must be filed and when.

Muncie Car Accident Attorneys Help Fight Insurance Companies


The idea of filing an insurance claim on your own likely doesn’t sound appealing. Many people associate insurance claims with unnecessary headaches and disappointing settlement offers. Conventional wisdom holds that the more money the insurance company pays you for your injuries, the less the insurance company gets to keep for itself. It’s in insurance adjusters’ self-interest to offer low settlements to clients, quite literally — some insurance companies even offer incentives to adjusters to give less than what their clients deserve.

Muncie car accident attorneys, on the other hand, know this about the insurance company. They know what your claim is really worth and won’t settle for less. It’s also in the self-interest of your attorney to get you the biggest settlement possible because, if your attorney is from Hensley Legal Group, they don’t get paid unless or until you do. Your Muncie car accident attorney should have the experience and strength to push the insurance company until they give you a fair settlement, or be prepared to take the insurance company to court.

Muncie Car Accident Attorneys Understand Liability


Proving fault is the foundation of a Muncie car accident claim. Attorneys establish fault by using evidence such as the police report and eyewitness accounts. With this evidence, attorneys build a strong case and use this information in negotiations with insurance companies. If the insurance company refuses to settle, your attorney can take the argument to court and argue on your behalf in front of a jury. With a Muncie car accident attorney, you don’t have to worry about not understanding Indiana’s laws on liability or struggle to understand how to put together a convincing court argument — your attorney will do all of that for you.

Muncie Car Accident Attorneys Know When to Settle


Discerning the appropriate time to settle out of court is crucial to your case. Hiring an attorney who has your best interest at heart is what you need. Your attorney can’t settle your case without your permission, so you’ll benefit from their experienced opinion while still remaining in control of your case.

Muncie Car Accident Attorneys Know You Have One Chance


When trying to recover the maximum compensation, there is only one opportunity to do it right. After you accept a settlement, you can’t go back and ask for more. Muncie car accident attorneys know this. They can advise you on the worth of your claim and help you determine which settlement offers are reasonable and which aren’t.

Consult a Muncie Car Accident Attorney

The best first step when hiring a Muncie car accident attorney is to schedule a consultation. Meeting with a group of attorneys does not mean that you are going to hire them; however, it is good to see what all your possible options are. One way you can do that is by contacting the attorneys at Hensley Legal Group for a free consultation; call or contact us online today.