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What Happens if My Child Is Injured at a Muncie School?


With school back in session, both teachers and students enjoy the fresh air out at recess and the time away from the classroom. Running around outside, playing with classmates, is where some of the best memories are made during the school year. Students enjoy cheering on the local favorite at football or basketball games, taking buses to and from field trips, or going home after a long day of school. However, no matter how great those memories are, some are marred by injuries that happened or around school property. Depending on the specifics, your Muncie school may be liable for damages.

Is the School Negligent?


Negligence is when the school fails to live up to the standard of care for their students that would result in an injury. Since a child is at school for the majority of the day, the school is responsible for providing the basic needs of the child: food, transportation, and a safe place to learn and be at. When there is a breach in the services provided and the breach leads to an accident, this is known as negligence.

School Buses


In the 2017-18 school year, Muncie Community Schools delayed the start of school two days after the start date because of transportation issues. The Indianapolis Star reported several causes of this delay, mainly pointing to the new bus company hired by Muncie Community Schools. Major concerns from parents and community members were expressed because the safety and education of their children were being put at risk. If something terrible were to happen, a question of liability might be a concern. Some examples of negligence in the case of school bus accidents are:

  • Poor training of the school bus driver by Muncie Community Schools
  • Malfunctioning vehicle equipment
  • Negligence of other drivers



Kids love to run and play, but while on playground equipment, it is hard to make sure that every child is safe and being responsible. The old adage that “kids will be kids” is true, but it is also true that every child should be kept safe and free from danger. Some examples of negligence on playgrounds are:

  • Lack of Supervision: When the Muncie Community Schools voted in 2013 to combine schools, some expressed their concern of overcrowding and therefore inadequate supervision. A high student-to-teacher ratio is concerning for supervision on a busy playground.
  • Poor Maintenance: Some states have regulations for playground equipment inspection and regulations. Although Indiana is not one of those states, the National Program for Playground Safety recommends regular inspections of playground equipment and keeping documentation of one’s findings.

Slip and Fall


In these times, everyone is in a rush to go from place to place, and that includes children as well. There are circumstances where children can slip and fall because of negligence on school grounds. This can happen from various possibilities:

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common for claims of negligence against schools. Each slip and fall accident is different and depends on a variety of factors. In any case, what has to be proven is negligence on the school’s behalf.

Hire a Muncie Personal Injury Attorney

Children are supposed to be safe at school. That’s the expectation when you see your child get on the bus each morning. There’s nothing worse than learning that the school has failed to meet that expectation and your child has been injured. If that’s the case, the school may be responsible for your child’s injury and subsequent medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. Consult the personal injury attorneys of Hensley Legal Group to help your claim. Call for a free consultation or contact us online.