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Man Charged with Reckless Driving on I-65 in Indiana

On the morning of Wednesday, May 25, Indiana police pulled over and arrested a man on Interstate 65 near Whiteland after he was reported to be driving erratically with a flat tire.

According to a story from WISHTV8, James A. Mills, a 19-year-old from Columbus, was driving his truck with a flat tire at almost 90 mph on Interstate 65.

In addition to speeding, Mills was also seen swerving and causing sparks on the interstate, due to his flat tire. Police pulled Mills over at 1:00 a.m. and said they found Mills’ airbag already deployed, damage to the driver’s side of his truck, two unlicensed handguns, painkillers, an open whiskey bottle and a bag that presumably contained cocaine.

Mills failed a breathalyzer test by blowing a .13% blood alcohol content level and faces seven different charges, including reckless driving, possession of a controlled substance, and leaving the scene of an accident. After his arrest, he was held on $13,000 bond at the Johnson County Jail.

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