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Indianapolis Car Accident Attorneys

Were you involved in a car accident and unsure of what the next steps are? Are you frustrated by what insurance adjusters are telling you, or worried if you’ll get a fair settlement? Maybe you have medical bills piling up, and you’re wondering if they could hurt your credit.

Hi, this is attorney John Hensley. I put together a free guide to give you the answers to these questions – to inform you about your rights and how the legal process works. Too often people sign releases and accept settlements without fully considering their rights. This can have terrible consequences. This isn’t about being “sue crazy” or getting more than you’re entitled to – it’s about getting what you deserve.

HensleyAutoAccidentReportCoverHere’s a worst case situation. You get into a fender bender and think you only have a minor injury, so you sign a release and get a $600 check from the insurance company. Two months later, your pain persists and your doctor recommends back surgery. Unfortunately you would have to pay for that surgery because you signed the release too soon – before you knew the extent of our injuries. Insurance companies typically want to settle quickly for as little as possible, and their interests are usually not in line with what’s best for you. They have lots of people on their side, and you’re going at it alone – this is why you need my guide.

My free guide gives you practical advice you can use right now to recover the money you deserve without problems, hassles or delays. You can read it at your own pace, in your own home, with no pressure from anyone – to sign or do anything. My purpose is to help accident victims get a fair settlement and to make an otherwise miserable situation as painless as possible. Please enter your name, e-mail, and phone to download my guide. If you need help or have questions while you go through it, just fill out the form on this page to schedule a free consultation.


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