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Indiana Keeps Workplace Deaths at an Encouraging Low

indiana-workplace-injuriesIndiana hit its record low number of 115 workplace deaths once again in 2015, having reached the same low number in 2012.

This marks a five percent decrease since 2014 and the lowest number of workplace deaths since annual reporting began in 1992.

Transportation and Workplace Injuries

Significantly, nearly half of the 115 workplace deaths recorded in 2015 were transportation-related rather than occurring inside a plant, factory, or office building, according to the Indiana Department of Labor.

Although overall deaths were down, the transportation and warehousing industry experienced the largest percent increase over the prior year.

Transportation has always played a large role in Indiana work-related fatalities. Single catastrophic transportation incidents can sometimes cause multiple work-related deaths.

Those in the agricultural industry face similar dangers. Agricultural and transportation hazards include:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Operator fatigue
  • Worker inattentiveness

State Labor Commissioner Rick Ruble commends Indiana for its progress in workplace safety, but emphasized that “115 families still lost a loved one” and employers must continue efforts to reduce on-the-job fatalities.

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