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Stryker v40 Femoral Head Hip Implant Lawsuits

Over 400,000 Stryker v40 hip implants are at risk for causing fretting corrosion between the femoral head and the tapered neck of the femoral stem, causing metal poisoning, fractures, loss of function, premature failures, and revision surgeries, according to industry experts. That means thousands of hip implant recipients across the nation are taking action and filing lawsuits against Stryker for their faulty metal v40 femoral heads.

Poorly Tested Metal Design

The Stryker v40 femoral heads are made of cobalt chromium, but the tapered necks of the v40 femoral stems are made from weak titanium. These two different metals rub against one another within the hip joint. Because they are made of two different metals, fretting corrosion can occur. This causes metallic particles to flake into the hip joint and infect the soft tissue. They can even infect muscle and bone.

Clearly, Stryker did not adequately test the two-metal v40 hip implant before clearing it for implantation.

Easily Avoided with Ceramic Heads

Zimmer, another hip implant product company, ran into a similar problem with its products. One of the surgeons who helped design the metal femoral heads for Zimmer saw how they were affecting his patients, and in 2013 he published a paper in which he recommended only using ceramic femoral heads to decrease the possibility of corrosion.

Ceramic heads would eliminate the metal-on-metal rubbing problem and would decrease the likelihood of corrosion. Stryker even produces ceramic femoral heads for the v40 hip implant. However, it continued to allow its metal femoral heads to be implanted, despite the safety benefits of the ceramic heads.

Even Revision Surgeries Used v40 Heads

You may have already experienced problems with your hip implant and have already undergone revision surgery. Unfortunately, Stryker v40 femoral heads have been used in revision surgeries. Your new implant may still result in fretting corrosion and metal poisoning or other serious medical complications. Talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing any problems after your revision surgery.

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Statute of Limitations – You Still Have Time

If you received a Stryker v40 hip implant and are suffering from the medical complications of the v40 femoral head, you still have time to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations, or the time period in which you are able to file suit, does not start ticking down until you experience problems with your hip implant. No matter how long ago you had surgery, you may still be able to file a claim. Contact our hip implant lawyers at Hensley Legal Group to learn more about your options.

Get Your Stryker v40 Hip Implant Settlement

It may feel like an extreme to file a lawsuit, but the Stryker v40 hip implants are causing extreme medical problems for their recipients. If you’ve received a Stryker v40 hip implant, you deserve justice. You need an experienced hip implant lawyer on your side to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. No one deserves revision surgery after revision surgery to correct problems that could have been avoided if a company had adequately tested their products. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us see if we can help you.

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If you received a Stryker v40 hip implant and are suffering from the medical complications of the v40 femoral head, you still have time to file a lawsuit. John Hensley and his team of lawyers believe in dedication, hard work, and commitment. We provide legal representation to all people, regardless of income.

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