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Hensley Legal Group Named 2016 Top Workplace

We are excited to announce that Hensley Legal Group, PC was named as a 2016 Top Workplace by Star Media, WorkplaceDynamics’ local publishing partner.
Top Work Places 2016

If you want to know everything worth knowing about a company, ask the people who work there.

That’s precisely the mantra of WorkplaceDynamics, LLP, a leading research firm that focuses on organizational health and employee engagement. More than 5,000 organizations have turned to WorkplaceDynamics’ Employee Engagement Survey to help them better understand how they are perceived by their own employees.

This year there were 90 Central Indiana companies identified by the survey as Top Workplaces, an increase of five companies over 2015. In the category of Top Small Companies, HLG was listed as #33.

WorkplaceDynamics uses a questionnaire with statements on which employees offer responses on a seven-point scale ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.”  The survey measures four general categories:

  • Company basics
  • Organizational health
  • Leadership
  • Engagement

“This is a great honor for all of us and for HLG!” Melissa Hartsock enthused with her colleagues upon learning of the repeated honor accorded to HLG. “We do truly work very hard to make this a workplace that you all enjoy coming to every day.”

What employees say

HLG Staff 2015“I am surrounded by people who care about their jobs, their clients, themselves, and me. I am constantly inspired.”

“I love my co-workers. We all get along and enjoy working with and helping each other.”

“I work in an environment that promotes positivity, teamwork, individuality, volunteering and, most of all, family. ”

“The care you feel here is a big reason. Our boss cares for us, we care for one another and we all care for our clients, and subsequently the client(s) really feel that we care about them. ”

“Opportunity and environment. ”

“An attitude survey can best be described as an instrument that attempts to determine employee perceptions of their working environment,” writes John Faure of the Society for Human Resource Management. “Most HR professionals will agree that employee productivity is strongly linked to their perception of their environment and, as the saying goes, perception is reality,” he adds.

Surveys can reveal:

  • Quality of management
  • Effectiveness of compensation and benefits programs
  • Organizational communications issues
  • Safety and health concerns

It’s a special, special honor when employees of any organization express their commitment to their jobs and share their workplace satisfaction.  That honor is even more special when it comes from the employees of a personal injury law firm, where, by definition, clients’ personal tragedies are woven into the work; heartaches, pain and suffering are the stuff of every hour of every workday. We are a helping profession.

In personal injury cases, weeks and months may pass while negotiations take place. During those weeks of waiting, will the clients need ongoing medical care or therapy? Will they be able to return to the full earning power they had before the accident? Our clients are often in a bad situation and must be treated with care.

Employees of our law firm must have the interpersonal skills to hold conversations with every personality type and must be able to inspire trust.  Good listeners? Our employees have to be that and much more. After all, Hensley Legal Group represents individuals and families whose lives have been changed for the worse through no fault of their own.  Perhaps more than at any other time in their lives, those clients need someone to listen and really hear what they are feeling.

Yes, of course we are excited to announce that Hensley Legal Group, PC was named as one of the 2016 Top Workplaces by Star Media as a result of the latest WorkplaceDynamics’ Employee Engagement Survey.  But it’s a special, special honor when it comes from our employees.